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OMB head Peter Orszag to turn in resignation

Peter Orszag, who heads up the Office of Management and Budget, will be leaving his White House job. Officials close to Orszag have said he would be leaving for a when, but the July date was only just lately announced to the public. As director of the White House budget office, Orszag has wielded significant powers within the government. Though names are being considered, no solid replacement has been appointed yet.

Peter Orszag’s hand in the budget

The director of the OMB is a cabinet-level position in the U.S. government. Annually, the OMB writes the budget that the White House sends to Congress. The OMB also provides estimates and opinions on legislation, in support of the Congressional Budget Office, upon the request of members of Congress. While in the position of spending budget head, Peter Orszag championed two major pieces of legislation — the stimulus bill and health care reform.

Peter Orszag’s history of service

Peter Orszag first started working for the White House in 1997. The first job Orszag held was Special Assistant for Economic Policy. From January 2007 to November 2008, Peter Orszag served as head of the Congressional Budget Office. Orszag also serves as the official OMB blogger.

Who’ll be the replacement for Peter Orszag?

The replacement candidates for Peter Orszag have not yet been officially announced. Some names, though, are floated. Most likely, the replacement person will already be working in the White House. Some think it might be Rob Nabors, who is already attending senior staff meetings. Some individuals have also suggested individuals already working on the Treasury board or Economic Recovery Advisory Board. This new budget person will most likely face political pressure, tough questions, and a very rough first day on the job – so I hope they are ready.

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